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Sleeper Cab

The ideal long haul prime mover. Equipped to handle all long haul situations with comfort, efficiency and reliability.

Comfortable and quiet: Access to the ProStar® cabin is easy via 60° door opening that provide worry-free ingress and egress from the cabin in tight loading bays or at truck stops. The doors are also designed to take the full weight of the driver and passenger and can be leaned on during ingress and egress.

Inside the cabin it’s a working environment that delivers high functionality and ergonomic design. The cabin provides an optimum balance of size (width of 82” / 2085 mm) with a roomy interior while still feeling maneuverable behind the wheel. Ensuring restful sleep at the end of the day is a 2250 mm wide sleeper with 2170 mm x 700 mm inner spring mattress that’s easily access from the full height standing cab.

Both driver and passenger receive leather, air-suspended seats while the curved dashboard with wing panel and instrument cluster feature an ‘automotive-look’ – most switches and controls are located within easy reach for the driver. Overhead there is a console with storage space while day and extended cabs also boast extensive under-bunk storage with both internal and external access. For tech-savvy operators, the ProStar’s standard audio system can be upgraded with an optional 6.1” touch screen multimedia system with navigation.

Proven driveline: Combining the performance and reliability of a premium driveline with the very best equipment from the transport industry’s biggest names.

Power comes courtesy of the big bore Cummins 15 litre Euro 5 Cummins engine. Tuned and calibrated for Australian conditions, the engine produces 550 horsepower (410 kW) and 1850 Lb Ft (2,508 Nm) of torque from a low rpm, ensuring plenty of power for B-double and Road Train applications.

Coupled to the engine is a choice of either an Eaton 18-speed manual which features an effort-reducing air over hydraulic clutch providing excellent feel while reducing fatigue. A clever Eaton ‘UltraShift Plus’ 18-speed automated manual option is also available, providing drivers with an even more relaxed driving experience.

Power to the rear Meritor tandem axles is via a Dana SPL driveshaft and traction is aided by power divider lock and cross locks on both rear drive axles.

Up front, the models use Meritor MFS axles with aluminum alloy hubs for reduced tare weight while suspension is 3-leaf parabolic taper leaf with 6,500 kg capacity. Rear suspension comes courtesy of a Hendrickson Primaax-EX Air Tandem set-up with 20,900 kg capacity. 

Efficiency and safety: The ProStar’s sleek design is a result of a range of aerodynamic testing including computational fluid dynamics, 1/8 scale and full scale wind tunnel work and on-road trials.

The end result is a swept-back design with swooping nose, wrap around windshield, set-back ‘A’ pillars and streamlined bumper and guards which allows the truck to more easily push through the air and therefore use less fuel.

This best-in-class aerodynamic performance not only makes the ProStar® efficient at the bowser, while the sloping hood and large curved windscreen also provides outstanding visibility.

Safety is further boosted by front under-run protection, high performance LED headlamps with integrated DRLs, Bendix ABS brakes with Automatic Traction Control and park brake warning alarm. Models specified with the Eaton ‘UltraShift Plus’ AMT also feature Hill Start Aid.

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