Iveco Australia Prostar Range Iveco Australia Prostar Range
Introducing the new INTERNATIONAL® ProStar®, one of North America’s best-selling truck models. Available in tipper, day cab, extended cab and sleeper cab variants, the ProStar® lends itself to a wide range of applications. The day cab fits in front of virtually any Australian trailer set. The ProStar® can also be used as a truck and dog and is suitable for 34 pallet B-double, 36 pallet B-double and even B-triple and two trailer road train work.
Options & Specs
Prostar Daycab

112" BBC 6x4 - Day Cab

  1. GVM: 24.5 tonne
  2. GCM: 90.0 tonne
  3. Wheelbase: 4300 mm

Prostar extendedcab

138" BBC 6x4 - Extended Cab

  1. GVM: 24.5 tonne
  2. GCM: 90.0 tonne
  3. Wheelbase: 4700 mm

Prostar Tripper

112" BBC 6x4 - Tipper

  1. GVM: 24.5 tonne
  2. GCM: 90.0 tonne
  3. Wheelbase: 5000 mm

Prostar Sleeper

141" BBC 6x4 - Sleeper Cab

  1. GVM: 24.5 tonne
  2. GCM: 90.0 tonne
  3. Wheelbase: 4700 mm

Day Cab

The 2085 mm wide, 2850 mm BBC Day Cab features an ECE-R29 compliant, high strength zinc coated steel cab structure with large, curved, wrap around windshield and leather air suspended driver and passenger seats.

Extended Cab

The 2085 mm wide 3510 mm BBC Extended Cab includes a 660 mm wide bunk for superior comfort, and additional under bunk storage with internal access.

Sleeper Cab

The 2085 mm wide,  3585 mm BBC Sleeper Cab features full standing height and 2250 mm wide integrated sleeper compartment with 2170 x 700 mm inner-spring mattress, large under-bunk storage with internal and external access, and bunk curtains behind seats and around the glass area.

CUMMINS X15 550/1850

Torque: 2508 Nm (1,850 lb-ft.)
Horsepower: 550 hp
ADEPT powertrain technology (optional with UltraShift® PLUS)

CUMMINS X15 600/2050

Torque: 2,277 Nm (2,050 lb-ft.)
Horsepower: 600 hp
ADEPT powertrain technology (optional with UltraShift® PLUS)


Transmission Information B: “Eaton® Ultrashift® PLUS 18-speed automated Manual"


Transmission Information A: “Eaton® RTLOF-20918B 18-speed"

Standard Warranty

Owners of the new ProStarĀ® range get the peace of mind of knowing that their investment is protected by comprehensive warranties providing general vehicle coverage as well as for major body components and drivetrain. The engine is also covered by a generous base warranty of 24 months / 402,336 kilometres or 6250 engine hours.

Extended Warranty

For buyers wanting additional protection, extended engine warranty programs of up to 5 years / 1.2 million kilometres / 18,000 engine hours are available at extra cost.

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